Thursday, October 27, 2011

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux) demolition, masonry, carpentry...week 3 update

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux)

604-606 Davis

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (10.25.2011):

Matt and I started interior/exterior demolition at our current adaptive re-use project, 604-606 davis on 10.3.11. The construction site constraints require a meticulously designed schedule. At times, there have been 3 trades (masonry, concrete & carpentry) productively working in the 44’x38’ rear yard that receives the 2nd floor addition.

Demolition for this phase has been completed. The masons will finish their “preparation” work this week; concrete pier installation is in process and will be followed by steel erection for the 2nd floor addition at the end of the week. Our 2 carpentry crews will continue with their exterior work on davis street and interior partitions. Next week, 2nd floor addition framing will start.

Our challenge (as with the “red church”) is to have the shell built and watertight before the weather turns. Project coordination is paramount…WINTER is coming.


MATT’S on the job orchestrating several trades on a confined site

INTERIOR DEMOLITION: partitions are”x”d and removed

INTERIOR DEMOLITION: the metal lathe/plaster ceiling is “peeled”, lathe removedand then loaded Into a dumpster. the metal is re-cycled.

INTERIOR DEMOLITION: water is sprayed to mitigate the dust. debris build-up is kept to a minimum

INTERIOR DEMOLITION: metal is organized for re-cycling

EXTERIOR DEMOLITION: the davis street window wall is unfastened and “pushed” to the interior

EXTEROR DEMOLITION: due to site constraints, this storage building is removed by hand

COMED: the existing 400A electrical service is being re-used. the service drop is wrapped by 4’ sections of rubber “boot” for safety.

CARPENTRY: usually, the truss/roof deck system is supported by another truss at the end wall…not here, thus we needed to install temporary shoring

EXTERIOR DEMOLITION: the masons stack the excess “common brick” for recycling as the walls are removed

EXTERIOR DEMOLITION: the concrete stair remained useful for this project phase…

EXTERIOR DEMOLITION: 3 out of 4 walls have been removed…now the stair

EXTERIOR DEMOLITION: the masons remove wall #4

MASONRY: concurrently with the demolition taking place to the right, wall openings are modified

CARPENTRY: demolition is complete at the street (looking SW)

CARPENTRY: one crew frames this stub wall that receives a microlam beam that cantilevers into the public way

CARPENTRY: another crew frames tenant demising walls

CARPENTRY: kris and tomek continue framing the overhang

CARPENTRY: cantilevered microlam is in place and has received another microlam which will support the overhanging window elements (looking SW)

MODEL: (looking SW)

CARPENTRY: connections (looking W)

MODEL: (looking W)