Wednesday, December 30, 2015

wareHOUSE(1) 1900 greenwood PROJECT UPDATE 12.30.2015

Evanston, Illinois 60201
adas/spatz properties
PROJECT UPDATE (12.30.2015):

In recent years we had been RACING the weather to get our project watertight, enclosed and temporarily heated…FORTUNATELY that got done in NOVEMBER.

The CARPENTERS are nearing completion of the interior mezzanine framing. STOREFRONT ENTRIES have been completed. PLUMBING waste/vent, water piping and gas piping are close to being finished. The ELECTRICAL contractor is also a couple of weeks away from pre-insulation/drywall rough inspections. Since most of the HVAC work is not encapsulated in walls or bath/utility room “roofs”, they have much less work in this phase and are on the job next week.

After city inspections, INSULATION and DRYWALL, so about 2 to 3 weeks into january

ENJOY your second half of the HOLIDAY’S…as usual, photos and video links below


ELECTRICAL: matt designed and the electricians installed the galvanized unistrut (no finishing required) "mechanical bridge" for the unit feeds to the circuit panels. the bridge is also used by the plumbers for the gas piping. Both the electrical and gas service mains enter the building at the same location.
ELECTRICAL: both the circuit panel and communication feeds are adjacent in the utility room in each unit.
ELECTRICAL: konstantine and victor are organizing the feeds from the service panels.
ELECTRICAL: the service drop and main were reusable, the balance of the equipment needed to be new.
ELECTRICAL: the mechanical bridge is filling up. the circuit panel feeds occupy the top of the bridge with the communication feeds on the bottom....organization.
ELECTRICAL: eugene is terminating electrical and communication feeds in their respective pull boxes.
ELECTRICAL: the circuit panel (occupies top pf bridge) pull box is on the left and the communications (occupies bottom of bridge) on the right.
ELECTRICAL: wire is being pulled individual unit circuit panels.
ELECTRICAL: service drop is being "tidied up".
PAINTING: tomek is rolling water based masonry sealer.
ELECTRICAL: electrical service is nearly done. 3/4" and 1/2" conduit is "waiting" to be piped within the units.
STOREFRONT ENTRIES: nino and salvio did a great job installing the 3'-6" x 7'-0" entry doors and transoms. we always install oversized doors for EZ in/out.
STOREFRONT ENTRIES: nino is fastening the threshold to the concrete floor. the red shims keep the threshold level when the anchor is tightened.
STOREFRONT ENTRIES (looking SW): the exterior unit entry door installation is moving along.
MODEL (looking SE)
PLUMBING: all cast iron roof drain risers are being replaced and clean-outs added for easy maintenance.
PLUMBING: ziggy is working on the PVC wast and vent piping for one of the units baths.
PLUMBING: waste and vent DONE in this unit, on to the water supplies.
PLUMBING: water supply being "sweated".
PLUMBING: slava is installed gas pipe hangers for the unit feeds. each unit is separately metered. a supply pipe runs from the meter room to the unit's utility room. The furnace, water heater, range and dryer are gas fueled.
PLUMBING: unit gas feeds (black pipe) share the mechanical bridge with electrical unit feeds and communications piping.
PLUMBING: cutting/treading gas pipe.notice the gas pipe unit feeds on the rear wall.
CARPENTRY: kris, tomek, and janusz...getting ready to start unit lofts, 5 thus on this project.
CARPENTRY: drywall is installed to first for unit fire separation. clip angle is being hoisted into place to support long span TJI floor joists.
CARPENTRY: clip angle is lag bolted to each stud.
CARPENTRY: TJI floor joists are being layed out.
MR. EVERYTHING: clemente has been working with us for 15 years and is INVALUABLE. he and his family do our demolition, site clean up, landscaping and finished project maintenance...the best.
CARPENTRY: loft framing in progress.
CARPENTRY: TJI install by janusz.

CARPENTRY: TJI install in unit 5.
CARPENTRY: kris and prznek laying out the 3/4" sturdifloor deck.
CARPENTRY: loft deck installed, bathroom "roof" in process.
CARPENTRY: bathroom roof installed. open area will receive translucent glass, but now it's scaffolding for the plumbers doing gas piping.
HISTORY: somewhere we will use this "dickson weatherproof nail" fragment. they were the original owners/users of this building until about 2000.


 konstantine lays out recessed lighting fixtures.
 loft framing unit 3 in process.
 andy describes skylight daylighting design.
 2nd level loft in unit 3

bathroom "roof framing" in 2nd level loft, unit 3