Monday, February 19, 2018

wareHOUSE(2) 2113 greenleaf (PROJECT UPDATE) 2.19.2018

Evanston, Illinois 60201
adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (02.19.2018):

INSULATION…done, DRYWALL has been installed and taping is 75% complete. PAINTING preparation/priming has begun at the north end and CERAMIC TILE begins in the next few days as will HVAC duct work hanging at the north end. The size of the project allows us to work from north to south condensing our timeline (thanks matt).

NEXT, cabinet delivery and installation
photos + video…progress


INSULATION: a blown in blanked system is used in all 2x8 exterior walls. this coupled with 1.5" of polyiso rigid foam rates this assembly at r-49.
INSULATION: 1.5" (r-7.5" rigid insulation over concrete wall, blue), 8.75" (r-49 rigid assembly described above) and   7.25" sound batts in  the unit 2x8 demising walls.
DRYWALL: unit 15 is starting to take shape.

DRYWALL: the lift turns this "shape" into a one person job.

DRYWALL: unit 12 is read for taping.

DRYWALL: taping in progress in unit14.

DRYWALL: drywall being hung in unit 10 mezzanine.

DRYWALL: unit 9 is ready to tape.

DRYWALL: unit 11 looking east.

DRYWALL: unit 15 taping has received it's 3 coat of taping process...ready to sand.

DRYWALL: service corridor also underway.

DRYWALL: unit 7 at the south end being hung.

DRYWALL: unit 14 being sanded.

DRYWALL: the lift mitigates wear and tear on the body.

DRYWALL: unit 11 ready has been sanded...ready for the painter.

DRYWALL: unit 7 is ready to sand.

DRYWALL: units 10-11 are ready to sand.

PAINTING: lukasz & ted have prepped the metal deck in unit 13 and are spraying coat 1 of tinted primer.

PAINTING: unit 11 primed and looking good.

PAINTING: unit 15 is receiving first finish paint coat.

CABINETS: kris & hubert are inspecting the bathroom vanities prior to install.

MATT in the service corridor.

Monday, January 8, 2018

wareHOUSE(2) 2113 greenleaf (PROJECT UPDATE) 1.8.2018

Evanston, Illinois 60201
adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (01.08.2018):

In recent years we had been racing the weather to get our project watertight, enclosed and temporarily heated…fortunately that was finished in early DECEMBER.

The CARPENTERS have completed the interior mezzanine framing and the balance of partitions. PLUMBING waste/vent, water piping and gas piping have also been finished. Pre-insulation/drywall FIRE SPRINKLER system and FIRE ALARM pre-wiring have also been finished. The ELECTRICAL  contractor is also done. Since most of the HVAC work is not encapsulated in walls or bath/utility room “roofs”, they have much less work in this phase.

Last week, all city inspections occurred and have been passed, thus INSULATION and DRYWALL are good to go,

a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours…as usual, photos and video links below


ELECTRICAL: service feeds are being installed on utility bridge in service corridor.
PLUMBING/ELECTRICAL: the electrical & communications service feeds (silver pipe) occupy the bottom of the utility bridge. The gas service feeds (black pipe) are segregated to the top.
PLUMBING: gas service feeds have been stubbed to the exterior gas meters...1/unit.
CARPENTERS: framing in unit 13 is nearly finished.
CARPENTERS: framing in unit 13.
HVAC: Igor preps the unit heaters from the previous user for temporary winter heat. 
ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING: gas feeds for units 12-15 have been extended. wire has been pulled to one pull box, then to individual units.
ELECTRICAL: electrical service/communications feeds in route to unit's utility room.
CARPENTERS: loft rail framing in unit 11 in progress.
CARPENTERS: loft rail framing in unit 10.
PLUMBING: ziggy is installing unit water feeds from 2" main line on utility bridge in service corridor.
FIRE SPRINKLER: piping to be enclosed in the floor sandwich is nearly complete.
CARPENTERS: detail of deck rail, unit 10.
CARPENTERS: kris applies fire caulk in a unit demising wall to maintain the fire rating of the assembly.  
ROOFING: prior to the cold snap, we installed the bathroom fan exhaust vents. new openings were flashed, roof penetration boots ready for install.
ROOFING: roof penetration boots installed. caulk to follow after the storm collar placements.
ELECTRICAL: the electrical & communications service feeds (silver pipe) nearly complete.
Ready for insulation, unit 7.
Ready for insulation, unit 10.
Ready for insulation, unit 13.
Ready for insulation, unit 15.
Ready for insulation, unit 15.
Ready for insulation, unit 8.
Ready for insulation, unit 8.
ALL UNITS: pre-insulation clean-up.
INSULATION: on deck.
MODEL: looking NE.

matt reviews one of the 2 level LOFTS @ wareHOUSE(2).
fire sprinkler system review @ wareHOUSE(2).
matt reviews the utility bridge @ wareHOUSE(2).

Thursday, November 30, 2017

wareHOUSE(2) 2113 greenleaf (PROJECT UPDATE 11.29.2017)

evanston, IL 60202
adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (11.29.2017): 

The CARPENTERS have been framing interior partitions. The units on the west side of the service corridor have been completed (units 1-5). The east side (units 6-15) is about 70% finished and should be 100% in the next 3 weeks per schedule. They have also completed the skylight installation. 

The mechanical trades (PLUMBING, HVAC & ELECTRICAL) have been following our usual chase the CARPENTERS sequencing. The PLUMBERS are 95% complete with the waste, vent and water lines and have started the gas piping which will be covered in the next project update. The HVAC contractor has set all of the roof top units. The ELECTRICIANS are nearly complete with power and communication conduit that feed each unit. They are now well into the individual unit’s conduit installation. 

The WINDOW contractor is 95% complete with the exterior entry doors and window install. Exterior caulking will be completed once the EIFS finish coat has been applied in spring. CONCRETE GRINDING has been completed on the 2nd floor as part of the pre-drywall work in unit 6.
Per Matt’s schedule, we are 100% enclosed for winter. Drywall starts after Christmas and chases the mechanical trades …  

Enjoy the photos and video…ANDY

CARPENTERS: unit 8/9 demising wall is being framed. 2x8 material is used. the splayed portion will add interest to the adjacent units...a twofer.
CARPENTERS: work continues.
CARPENTERS: view from unit 9. notice the 10' break-thru which allows combining units.
CARPENTERS: units 8/9 are ready for 2nd level mezzanines. steel angles are used for support at demising walls. I-joists have also been delivered.
CARPENTERS: a laser is used for 2x8 demising wall layout. 2x8's are used for straightness since the wall is 22' tall. additional sound insulation is benefit.
CARPENTERS: note the red laser dot on the ceiling.
CARPENTERS: layout complete...repeat.
CARPENTERS: unit 4 framing is complete, plumbing has been roughed, next the electrical.
CARPENTERS: framing a low partition in unit 6.
CARPENTERS: the bottom plate is notched so that the studs can be "let in" to the framing below. this technique makes the finished product very stiff.
CARPENTERS: studs "let in" to framing.
CARPENTERS: we needed to remove/replace the 6x8 wood columns in units 14/15 that had been extended. we re-pitched the roof for better drainage concurrently (see video below).
CARPENTERS: removed wood columns, ready for re-purposing.
CARPENTERS: columns complete. the roof joists were also reinforced to support the roof top HVAC unit (RTU).
CARPENTERS: bathroom and utility room walls have been framed. marek is attaching steel angles to receive I-joists for 2nd floor mezzanine.
CARPENTERS: marek is installing lag bolts through the steel angles into the demising wall.
CARPENTERS: kris is installing I-joists.
CARPENTERS: unit 8 mezzanine I-joists and plywood subfloor installed.
WINDOWS: glass being installed in unit entry on west side.
WINDOWS: a rubber mallet is used to snap the aluminum stop in place.
WINDOWS: dense plastic shim are use as part of the process.
WINDOWS: roberto is caulking the intersection between the fixed glazing frame and the operating unit.
WINDOWS: roberto's close up.
CONCRETE GRINDING: the 2nd floor finished floor was going to be a vinyl strip system. upon removal of the existing 12x12 vinyl tile during demolition, we discovered the substrate to be standard concrete. we decided to then grind the concrete so we could use the same food service grade water based epoxy finish as elsewhere.
HVAC: roof top units (RTU) are craned for installation.
HVAC: almost there.
HVAC: now the cart.
HVAC: placed on curb.
ELECTRICAL: 1 1/4" unit service feeds being installed on "the bridge".
ELECTRICAL: pull boxes for wire distribution to 1 1/4" unit service feeds on bridge above.
ELECTRICAL: 100amp unit service panel on right with 8"x8" communications feed on left.
ELECTRICAL: service feed being installed for unit 6 on 2nd floor.
PLUMBING: water line coupling being soldered.
PLUMBING: waterline pipe being measured.
PLUMBING: ziggy is having a good hat day. cordless tools are used for most tasks now.
MODEL: looking NW from greenleaf.

wood column replacement in units 14/15
floor grinding in unit 6
entry door glass installation
glass installation in unit 6
HVAC roof top unit installation