Friday, August 28, 2015

wareHOUSE(1) - 1900 greenwood PROJECT UPDATE, 8.29.2015

evanston, IL 60201
adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (8.27.2015):

In the last 5 weeks, INTERIOR DEMOLITION has been completed. SAW-CUTTING of the existing concrete floor and SANDBLASTING of the interior masonry and steel surfaces to remain was also completed. CONCRETE work followed with the removal of slabs for the new recessed unit exterior entries. MASONRY demolition/preparation work was done concurrently since the space was large enough to accommodate multiple trades. We chose to use a SHORING contractor to work in tandem with the MASONRY contractor to expedite the demolition of the shored brick wall. STEEL beams and columns will replace the shoring once the new CONCRETE footings/piers are poured. Underground PLUMBING has also started.

*MATT”S organizational skills keep all this running efficiently and cost effective.

NEXT…underground PLUMBING continues, STEEL beams/columns are erected, CONCRETE and MASONRY work continue followed by the CARPENTERS framing interior partitions.

Enjoy the photos and video…ANDY   

SAW-CUTTING: slab cutting layout is in process.

SAW-CUTTING: cutting will be done prior to sandblasting all surfaces so paint is removed.

SAW-CUTTING: javier guides the "walking saw".

SAW-CUTTING: water cools the blade and keeps the dust to a minimum.

SANDBLASTING: ziggy has been managing the sandblasting on our projects for 15 years...a MASTER.

SAW-CUTTING: floor, walls and structural steel have all been cleaned...clean-up in process.

SAW-CUTTING: the steel will be painted late in the project.

SAW-CUTTING: the unfinished wall will be replaced shortly with steel columns/beams

CONCRETE: the previously saw-cut slab on the left is removed to install the exterior entry from dodge avenue for units 8 & 9

CONCRETE: wall framing for the new interior accessible ramp is almost ready pouring.

CONCRETE: the floor slab is removed for under slab plumbing waste piping.

CONCRETE: accessible ramp and pier for steel column/beam assembly is being poured.

MASONRY: masonry is being removed for the new 9' wide service corridor.

MASONRY: opening is about ready for the new steel lintel.

MASONRY: new window and entry openings are being prepared in the background.

MASONRY: the openings are prepared from the outside then the inside.

PLUMBING: val, alex and matt discuss the layout for the underground waste piping. we have worked together for 15 years, too.

PLUMBING: underground piping begins. the system starts from the end (high point) and works it's way to the existing "tie in". the 2x6 wood jig as been installed by the CARPENTERS to insure proper pipe placement in the bathrooms and kitchens.

MASONRY: work on new openings continues. slab has been removed for new waste piping.

MASONRY: new exterior openings for units 4-9 are complete.

MASONRY: interior is ready for the last lintel.

SHORING: scaffolding is being installed to support the perpendicular "needle beams" through the small holes made by the MASON.

SHORING: scaffolding is installed on both sides of the wall to be removed, "needle beams" to follow.

SHORING: almost ready for masonry wall removal.

SHORING: done, ready for wall removal.

SHORING: done, ready for wall removal.

SHORING: done, ready for wall removal.

SHORING: "needle beam" detail.

SHORING: "needle beam" detail.

CONCRETE + MASONRY: unit entries are ramping up and the mason's are bout done.

CONCRETE: framing footings for unit entries.

 MASONRY: shored wall is being removed.

  MASONRY: shored wall is being removed.

EXTERIOR VIEW: looking SW from dodge and greenwood.

MODEL EXTERIOR VIEW: looking SW from dodge and greenwood.