Wednesday, September 20, 2017

wareHOUSE(2) 2113 greenleaf, PROJECT UPDATE 9.21.2017


evanston, IL 60202

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (9.21.2017):
All underground PLUMBING inspections were completed by the City. Interior CONCRETE slabs, miscellaneous piers/infill walls have also been poured. It’s a go for the CARPENTERS to start interior partitions, however their focus has been to finish operations required for other trades to start. The exterior sheathing for the EIFS contractor, SKYLIGHT/HVAC roof curbs and other pre-ROOFING prep has been completed. Concurrently, the interior/exterior MASONRY walls are 99% and the pre finish coat EFIS installation is also nearly done.

ROOFING work has just started. SKYLIGHTS have been ordered and WINDOWS will follow suit within a week. It’s always a fight to get   enclosed and water tight prior to winter.

*MATT has further revised the projects critical path which now puts us 3 weeks ahead of schedule. This has been facilitated by the building’s configuration which gives multiple trades room to work simultaneous and efficient.


Enjoy the photos and video…ANDY

CARPENTRY: densglas sheathing (yellow board) is nearly complete. EIFS to follow
PLUMBING: underground piping inspected and ready for backfill
CONCRETE: backfill in progress
CONCRETE: #5 rod, wire mesh & 4 mil plastic installed, prepped for concrete in west addition
CONCRETE: tall warehouse backfill is graded. #5 rod, wire mesh and plastic to follow

CONCRETE: ready mix truck pours material into pumping bin
CONCRETE: west addition slab being poured and finished
CONCRETE: #5 rods tie new slab to existing in tall warehouse
CONCRETE: phase 2 of west warehouse being poured. the rear section was complete the day before
CONCRETE: finishing slab in the west warehouse
CONCRETE: matt & fermin are contemplating tomorrow slab pour in tall warehouse
CONCRETE: finishing up the west warehouse and service entry
CONCRETE: matt & kris are locating a bath floor drain
CONCRETE: joints are added a day or 2 after pouring slab
CONCRETE: tall warehouse is ready for the carpenters
MASONRY: this wall was built concurrently with CONCRETE slab installation at the opposite end of the project

MASONRY: interior wall continues in unit 1
MASONRY: unit 1 interior wall is nearly complete

MASONRY: stepan reworks the parapet
MASONRY: aramis is repairing a glass block window
CARPENTRY: aluminum outriggers are being installed to tie the sunscreen to the existing structure
CARPENTRY: aluminum outriggers
CARPENTRY: outrigger is fastened to the existing structural system
CARPENTRY: MORE lumber is stocked
EIFS: densglass sheathing joints are taped, rolled on waterproof air barrier to follow
EIFS: waterproof air barrier has been installed, the 1.5" polystyrene STO system insulation is in process
MASONRY & EIFS: work continues
EIFS: STO system installation continues
EIFS: looking NW. STO system finish coat will be installed in spring 2018
MODEL: looking NW
CARPENTRY: interior framing begins, west warehouse
CARPENTRY: typical bathroom/utility pod
CARPENTRY: kris and tomek begin a typical 4'x8' skylight curb installation. skylights are located per plan, lasered up to corrugated metal deck, pilot holes drilled for corners.
CARPENTRY: 2x4 plates are screwed from the bottom up to minimize ceiling mess
CARPENTRY: curb wall in progress
CARPENTRY: metal deck being removed above
CARPENTRY: HVAC curb for roof top unit.. fabricated dimensions being confirmed
CARPENTRY: skylight/HVAC curbs ready for ROOFING. roofing material has been delivered
ROOFING: next...                                   
CONCRETE slab install
CONCRETE slab finishing
                                             CARPENTRY skylight & HVAC curbs