Monday, February 19, 2018

wareHOUSE(2) 2113 greenleaf (PROJECT UPDATE) 2.19.2018

Evanston, Illinois 60201
adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (02.19.2018):

INSULATION…done, DRYWALL has been installed and taping is 75% complete. PAINTING preparation/priming has begun at the north end and CERAMIC TILE begins in the next few days as will HVAC duct work hanging at the north end. The size of the project allows us to work from north to south condensing our timeline (thanks matt).

NEXT, cabinet delivery and installation
photos + video…progress


INSULATION: a blown in blanked system is used in all 2x8 exterior walls. this coupled with 1.5" of polyiso rigid foam rates this assembly at r-49.
INSULATION: 1.5" (r-7.5" rigid insulation over concrete wall, blue), 8.75" (r-49 rigid assembly described above) and   7.25" sound batts in  the unit 2x8 demising walls.
DRYWALL: unit 15 is starting to take shape.

DRYWALL: the lift turns this "shape" into a one person job.

DRYWALL: unit 12 is read for taping.

DRYWALL: taping in progress in unit14.

DRYWALL: drywall being hung in unit 10 mezzanine.

DRYWALL: unit 9 is ready to tape.

DRYWALL: unit 11 looking east.

DRYWALL: unit 15 taping has received it's 3 coat of taping process...ready to sand.

DRYWALL: service corridor also underway.

DRYWALL: unit 7 at the south end being hung.

DRYWALL: unit 14 being sanded.

DRYWALL: the lift mitigates wear and tear on the body.

DRYWALL: unit 11 ready has been sanded...ready for the painter.

DRYWALL: unit 7 is ready to sand.

DRYWALL: units 10-11 are ready to sand.

PAINTING: lukasz & ted have prepped the metal deck in unit 13 and are spraying coat 1 of tinted primer.

PAINTING: unit 11 primed and looking good.

PAINTING: unit 15 is receiving first finish paint coat.

CABINETS: kris & hubert are inspecting the bathroom vanities prior to install.

MATT in the service corridor.