Thursday, November 17, 2011

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux) steel + carpentry

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux)
604-606 Davis
Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (11.17.2011):

The STRUCTURAL STEEL frame is in place and the CARPENTERS are busy erecting the building’s shell and switch to interior framing on inclement days. ROOFING is scheduled to start at the end of the week and we will work through the weekend. Hopefully the weather will “cooperate” just enough so we remain on schedule and are enclosed/watertight before WINTER arrives.

ANDY  (enjoy the photos)

CARPENTRY: the cantilevered microlams and 2x6 joists are in place, ready for wall framing(looking SW)
CARPENTRY: the (3) 2x12 angled header has been installed on the west projection. wall framing has begun  

CARPENTRY: kris & radek are framing the 2x6 slopped wall on the west projection. 2x4 blocks are used to maintain 24” spacing since “gravity” wants these members  to “rotate”

CARPENTRY: a detail of the eastern most stud in the slopped wall (see photo below)

CARPENTRY: the western projection has been roughed out and work has begun on the next one (looking south). The articulated arm lift really helps radek be precise

 MODEL: (looking south)

CARPENTRY: matt, kris & radek work out this corner so the finishedskin intersects at a point

CONCRETE: the piers and bollards are ready for the 2nd floor additions structural steel frame

STEEL: the 1st beam is craned into place

STEEL: miguel drills the existing masonry wall to receive ¾” sleeve anchors that are imbedded in epoxy. matt stabilizes the column

STEEL: the roof beam is hoisted into place with the columns attached and is then bolted to the beam below (looking NE)

MODEL: rear 2nd floor addition (looking NE)

CARPENTRY: tomek, kuba & matt are laying out the first floor joist. the masonry wall on the left is doing the “cha cha” making this a bit more difficult…typical of adaptive reuse projects    

CARPENTRY: radek is getting ready to move the next floor joist

CARPENTRY: (2)2x12’s are used every 2’ due to the long span. 2’ spacing makes it easier to work between joists as opposed to 1’-4”.  

CARPENTRY: we knew that this building was originally 1 story with a 2nd floor the 1950’s here was a fire on the 2nd floor and the wood framing was replaced with steel trusses. we also found that a new raised floor was built on top of the original roof deck. we added the steel rods 4’-0” oc to tie our new addition solidly into (2) floor joist to the left

STEEL: 2”x 2” steel angles tie the new roof structure to 2 rows of the existing trusses

CARPENTRY: the additions floor framing is nearly complete

CARPENTRY: the additions floor framing is nearly complete

CARPENTRY: the additions floor framing is nearly complete

CARPENTRY: interior partitions are built on rainy days, our focus is getting a new roof on before winter  

STEEL: the davis street window wall was not built as we thought, hence we needed a plan “b” in supporting the 2 projections. we opened up the roof to confirm the beam size so we could calculate the stress of adding additional forces to it by hanging micolams from it (see the 1st photo). the beam was strong enough

STEEL: matt & kris are working with jose & riccardo on the first of 4 hangers consisting of (2) ¾” rods. (1) rod is sufficient, but (2) are easier to connect 

STEEL: kris is aligning the rod for cutting prior to welding

STEEL: the first rod is welded to the steel tab…7 more to go

CARPENTRY: the overhang framing on the east projection has been started (looking SW)

MODEL: (looking SW)
steel frame + laying out 2nd floor addition floor joists
2ND  floor addition progress

steel hanging rod installation