Wednesday, June 21, 2017

wareHOUSE(2), 2113 greenleaf, PROJECT UPDATE 6.21.2017


2113 Greenleaf
evanston, IL 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (6.21.2017):
In the last 5 weeks, INTERIOR/EXTERIOR DEMOLITION is nearly completed. SAWCUTTING of the existing concrete floor for underground PLUMBING waste lines has begun. Concurrently, CONCRETE demolition work with slab removal in the west addition is in process. This location was used for beverage mixing in the buildings previous iteration (Collins Brothers) and needed to be sloped for drainage. MASONRY demolition/preparation is also happening concurrently since the spaces are large enough to accommodate multiple trades.

*MATT”S organizational skills keep all this running efficiently and cost effective.

NEXT…DEMOLITION is completed, CONCRETE and MASONRY work continue followed by the underground PLUMBING  and the CARPENTERS frame the exterior partitions.

Enjoy the photos…ANDY

DEMOLITION: suspended ceiling being removed in previous beverage mixing area (addition #1).

DEMOLITION: abandoned boiler and pumping equipment are being dismantled. all metal is recycled.

DEMOLITION: less "stuff"

DEMOLITION: boiler is ready for loading.

DEMOLITION: peter is removing water piping.

DEMOLITION: work in beverage mixing area continues.

DEMOLITION: metal light fixtures will be removed and recycled. this area will become a 8' wide service corridor. at one time it was the building exterior. 

DEMOLITION: lotsa metal.

DEMOLITION: the last remains of a concrete loading dock that was attached to the original building circa 1920.

DEMOLITION: cleaning up the largest warehouse (addition #2). this section will have a partial 2nd level added.

MASONRY: existing openings are being modified and new ones created.

MASONRY: existing openings are being modified and new ones created.

MASONRY: Matt and Jack are reviewing the project. Jack has worked with us for 16 years starting with the STAMPFACTORY. Matt and I have been together for 15 years.

SAWCUTTING: the carpenters are laying out the areas that need to be saw-cut largest warehouse prior to concrete removal.

DEMOLITION: exterior non-load bearing walls are being removed.

MASONRY: looking NE from the largest warehouse. note the valli foods shopping center in the background.

DEMOLITION: looking N. the existing metal framing on the 2nd floor will be reused. originally it was going to be removed however it's in perfect condition, thus a bonus.

MODEL: looking N