Thursday, July 19, 2012

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux)
604-606 Davis
Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (7.15.2012:

we were 100% complete at the end of may and fully occupied june 1st. SORRY it took this long to send out this project update, but we have been “good busy”. finished project update to follow, shortly.   

ANDY  (enjoy the pics & video)

 CARPENTRY: kasey is working on wood base.

 CARPENTRY: kris & kasey are installing the rear hollow metal entry door/frame.

 PLUMBING: stainless steel lav trim is being installed. chrome pipe is used since it’s exposed.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: matt is reviewing the installation of unit 5’s aluminum balcony armature with humberto & jose. The scissor lift is used for temporary support.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: the aluminum armature is attached to the masonry wall with sleeve anchors by juan. jose is welding the “offset” section to an aluminum plate that has already been sleeve anchored.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: completed “maintenance free” platform and rail…85% recycled aluminum.

HARDWOOD FLOOR: floors are sanded, then finished with a low VOC“ shopping center” grade finish by BOMA. We used an unstained natural finish to shorten drying time and ease future maintenance. 2 coats of finish are applied prior to covering with kraft paper. a 3rd coat will be applied after painting.

HARDWOOD FLOOR/PAINT: floors have been finished and are in the process of being covered. walls have be meticulously prepped for final finish coat.

CARPENTRY: during the interior finishing process, the carpenters have been working on the exterior metal skin. the 1/8” aluminum plate panels are nearing completion with the 18" aluminum standing seam panels to follow on the unfinished section. we have previously installed “ice & water shield” on the sloped section (black) and a tyvek “similar” on the other sections (white).

CARPENTRY: standing seam panels are being applied. panels are left long and then trimmed to get a straight bottom edge.

CARPENTRY: tomek is scoring the overhanging panels with a utility knife prior to bending/breaking. the aluminum will  snap after 3 or 4 back/forth bends speeding up installation.

CARPENTRY: moving right along…the sloped panels overlap the vertical pieces which are installed first and bent over the sloped plane. polyurethane adhesive caulk is used underneath as not to be seen an thoroughly waterproof the intersection.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: meanwhile in the back…unit 5’s balcony has been followed by the exit stair. unlike the balcony, steel needs to be used for strength and will need to be painted. jose is tack welding the stair treads to the stringers. they will be continuously welded once all the treads have been installed and adjusted.  

ORNAMENTAL IRON: humberto is “sorting out” the installation?

ORNAMENTAL IRON: the treads are in place and the guard rail is in process.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: the adjacent masonry party wall is very uneven. matt,  jose and renaldo are working out the “stand offs” so this rail will be straight.

CARPENTRY: kris is installing insulation on the water supply lines or they will drip from condensation.note they plastic bag over the CO2/smoke detector. during construction the sensors need to be kept dust free to avoid future false positives.

EXCAVATION/CONCRETE: the previous “beat” parking area is being removed. the concrete will be recycled.

EXCAVATION/CONCRETE: parking lot is being filled and graded.

EXCAVATION/CONCRETE: we got started pouring a bit late. finishing was completed “under the lights”.

CARPETNRY: back on davis street…panel overlaps have been waterproofed. this job would have been extremely difficult without the lift.  

CARPENTRY: aluminum coping is being installed at the roof to flash that edge and will be counterflashed to the roof with modified bitumen later. the 1/8" panels are being cleaned on the left with the lift.

CARPENTRY: aluminum coping is nearly complete.

PAINT: the steel stair at the rear is being prepped for paint.

CARPENTRY: the 1/8” aluminum plate is being cleaned.

PAINT: lukacz & rafal are finish coating the interior of unit 5.

PAINT: the stair is being painted using a DTM (direct to metal) oil base product by benjamin moore, it’s more durable than “greener” water based products and ultimately greener over time.

PAINT: the scaffolding is GONE and all that’s left is painting the 1st floor soffit.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AFZ+3 (2nd floor redux)
604-606 Davis
Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (4.11.2012):
We are 30-45 days from completion. Interior finishing continues and the exterior skin is past the half-way point.

The PAINTERS have finish coated the ceilings and are meticulously prepping for the final finish coat that will be done at the very end of the project. Wood doors have also been finished and ready to hang.

The CARPENTERS have been alternating between exterior and interior finishing. The rear fa├žade is 98% complete and they have just started “skinning” of the Davis Street elevation. 

The HARDWOOD FLOORS have been installed and sanding/finishing will start next week. 

CABINETS and COUNTERTOPS have been installed. CERAMIC TILE is also nearly complete. 

The HVAC work is at the 85% point. Most of the ductwork has been hung and the furnaces installed. The AC condensers will follow. 

The ELECTRICIANS have installed the light track and surface mounted fixtures. The wiring of the HVAC system and exterior lighting will follow.

The PLUMBERS start installing the water heaters, fixtures and trim in the next day or so.

NEXT…EXTERIOR CONCRETE (rear parking area and front entry), ORNAMENTAL IRON (unit 5 balcony and exterior stair) and enter the clean phase of the project. Carpet and paint at the very end… completion should be mid-MAY.

ANDY  (enjoy the photos & video)
PAINTERS: lukacz & raphe remove dust a spot prime touch ups prior to applying 1st finished coat of paint.

PAINTERS: existing steel column has been primed and is getting 1st coat of DTM paint. oil base products are used  exclusively steel for superior durability and stain blocking properties. unfortunately, it’s not low VOC.

PAINTERS: low VOC polyurethane is used on “natural” door finish. this requires  3 coats whereas oil based products require 2.

PAINTERS: prior to 2nd paint coat, walls are illuminated and imperfections are touched up.  

EXTERIOR SKIN: the rear addition overhang is skinned with 1/8” aluminum sheet. self sealing stainless steel screws are used, their holes ovalized for expansion/contraction. space is also left between panels with a .032 aluminum backer.

EXTERIOR SKIN: aluminum panels with backer.

EXTERIOR SKIN: 1/8” aluminum panels with .032 aluminum backer.

EXTERIOR SKIN: the addition is nearly complete, the same panels will “wrap up” theadjacent vertical surface.

HARDWOOD FLOOR: sorin is installing the 3” oak strip floor over rolled underlayment. The materials have been onsite for a week to “acclimate”. The oak comes from a managed forest. It will be finished with a low VOC “shopping center” grade finish called TRAFFIC. we feel this is a very GREEN alternative due to its  history of durability on previous projects.

HARDWOOD FLOOR: working out the details.

HVAC: igor is starting the exposed duct work. since it’s exposed, it becomes a finished item and is done during the finishing phase of the project.

HVAC: duct is hung from a single centered threaded rod/fender washer system. thisgives us a minimal aesthetic.

HVAC: ductwork is hung, awaiting diffusers.

HVAC: gas furnace being installed. condenser piping being soldered.

HVAC: igor is installing bathroom exhaust duct.

ELECTRICAL: sergei is installing surface mounted fixtures.

EXTERIOR SKIN: 1/8” aluminum panels “wrap” up from the underside
ultimately  giving us a very “slick” look.

EXTERIOR SKIN: .032 painted standing seam panels are also used.

EXTERIOR SKIN: rear addition looking east.

EXTERIOR SKIN: .032 aluminum fascia is installed after the panels are in place.

CERAMIC TILE: freddie is working on unit 5’s shower.

CARPENTERS: unit 5 kitchen light track support is being hung from the same threaded rod that supports the duct above.

CARPENTERS: casey is cutting floor base for unit 4. 2 ¾” pre-finished ranch casing is used. the  rounded bottom edge allows us to use a one piece system cutting our labor cost in half.

CARPENTERS: kris is installing cove trim on hardwood window seat.

MATT: getting organized. Notice that the kitchen cabinets have also been installed.  

GRANITE COUNTERTOPS: granite was used on this project at about the same cost as if we fabricated MDF/plastic laminate tops on site…betterproduct/same $.

GRANITE COUNTERTOPS: matt makes sure we get right.

CERAMIC TILE: freddie is finishing up the kitchen backsplashes.

EXTERIOR SKIN: rear addition. DONE. exit stair on right to follow (see model pic below).

MODEL: rear addition, south elevation.