Monday, October 19, 2009

SHOP(studios) 940 Pitner Evanston, IL 60202

PROJECT UPDATE (10.14.2009):

Signe, Matt and I started demolition at our latest adaptive re-use project, 940 PITNER on 8.8.09. The underground plumbing and concrete trades were quickly followed by the carpenters and masons. Mechanical trades to follow in the next few weeks then the new insulation/roofing system…WINTER is coming.

940 was last used as an automobile repair/paint shop. We are converting this building into 5 office RENTAL UNITS ranging in size from 975-1226 SF. The middle 3 units will have lofts and the front and rear units will be on a single level. Each will have a storefront entry and be similar in feeling and finish to our 12 unit project next door at 930 Pitner. We expect to attract “artistic professionals” as tenants as we have at another of our facilities, the STAMPfactory (19 units) at Dewey/Payne. Aggressive rents of $1,250 – $1,730 per month including property taxes make these spaces very attractive to start-ups and small local businesses. Occupancy will be spring 2010.

ANDY (ps: all the fotos below were taken in the last 45 days)

pre-demo...whata mess (looking east)

CONCRETE demolition is nearly complete. NEW underground plumbing to follow (looking east)

underground PLUMBING nearly complete. MATT & ALEX are doing a final check

floor slab in bath area.ceramic tile will cover the mess

MASONS are preparing for one new entry opening. notice how the bricks are removed in a 45 degree pattern to follow the downward force of the brick above. we were able to re-use 3 other openings (looking west)

MASONS are infilling unused openings. brick cleaning will "blend" the color (west elevation)

CARPENTRY partition layout starts (looking west)

CARPENTRY skylight layout also starts. new curbs are cut to follow the roof slope. see next photo (looking west)

CARPENTRY skylight curbs are complete. new roof/insulation system will follow in about 3 weeks after mechanical systems roof penetrations are finalized (looking east)

CARPENTRY. tomek & tomek begin unit entry framing (looking west down walkway)

CARPENTRY. kris & radek frame unit interiors. notice opening on the left so units can be combined.

CARPENTRY bathroom & utility closet are being framed in unit 2

CARPENTRY. tomek is finishing unit demising partitions. all lumber is harvested from sustainable forests

WATER SERVICE excavation for new 1 ½” feed begins

WATER SERVICE an auguring installation technique is used requiring minimal street repair and traffic disruption (looking west from pitner)

WATER SERVICE new water tap (blue & red) has been made. auguring begins

MASONS install glass block @ unit entries

BOWSTRING TRUSS REPAIR demolition uncovered a problem requiring a bottom cord replacement in unit 1. Steel shoring is still in place @ panel points (truss member intersections).

MASONS install glass block @ unit entries…almost 100%

MATT & SIGNE don’t remember this wall being there?

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