Monday, October 12, 2015

wareHOUSE (1) - 1900 greenwood PROJECT UPDATE 10.12.2015


          1900 GREENWOOD
          evanston, IL 60201

                 adas/spatz properties

            PROJECT UPDATE: 10.14.2015

Ready to go…the CONCRETE, MASONRY, STRUCTURAL STEEL and under slab PLUMBING have sufficiently progressed where interior and pre-roofing CARPENTRY has started (more on that next time). Again, the space is large enough so all of the trades listed above could work efficiently at the same time. Matt seamlessly moves the “pieces”.

NEXT…CARPENTRY continues with interior framing and ROOFING begins. Our focus is to get closed and waterproof before winter.

Enjoy the pics (andy)

CONCRETE: dodge avenue unit entry framed and ready for concrete. each entry serves 2 units.
CONCRETE: footings poured, walls framed and ready for concrete.
CONCRETE: pouring dodge avenue unit entry walls. pumping the concrete makes this much easier/faster.
CONCRETE: forms have been stripped. exterior stair is next.
CONCRETE: piers for steel column/beam system are ready to go. the columns are set 4" below the top of the existing concrete. an additional 4" of concrete is poured after steel installation.
CONCRETE: the pump is being used at the other end of the project, thus this pour is done "old school".
CONCRETE: this unit entry is ready for back fill. note sand mound in the background. work has started on the next unit entry to the north.
PLUMBING: underground waste lines being installed at the "high end" of the gravity system.
PLUMBING: ziggy is starting a 4" waste riser.
PLUMBING: 2x6 jigs were installed by the carpenters prior to starting any plumbing work. all waste and vent risers were located at that time. The jigs are removed after backfilling the excavation prior to starting the concrete slab work. ziggy and david did a nice job.
PLUMBING: the risers for the bathrooms and utility rooms in these 2 units have been completed. once the partitions have been framed by the carpenters, the risers are cut to the proper height during the remainder of the waste/vent piping work.
PLUMBING: this section is ready for backfill. the open pipe ends will be taped closed shortly to keep debris out of the system.
MASONRY: shoring will be "past tense" soon. prior to that is structural steel installation, masonry infill and waiting a week for the mortar and concrete to cure.
MASONRY: "needle beam" detail in shoring system.
MASONRY: the steel columns/beams get installed between the scaffolding. the bricks will be used to infill the area above the beams and the holes from the needle beams.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: columns are ready to go. again, the recessed piers are infilled with concrete post steel erection.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: beams are good to go. the lengths are short due to the tightness of the working conditions. this was considered in the architectural design with column spacing.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: the crane was used to move the beams to the interior.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: columns and beams have been installed. lots of hand work. as with our other projects, the steel will be exposed in the finished product.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: ready for masonry infill above the beams.
MASONRY: the area above the beam is being infilled.
MASONRY: the area above the beam is being infilled.
CONCRETE: wood jigs have been removed, slab in plumbing area being installed.
CONCRETE: this section of slab has been competed. slab is now being poured at dodge avenue side of project.
MASONRY: mortar and concrete has cured, OK to remove shoring.
MASONRY: shoring being removed, nothing as collapsed which is a GOOD thing.
SAW-CUTTING: concrete wall will be removed for the new concrete entry stairs.
SAW-CUTTING: guide rails for saw have been attached. as an FYI, the blade diameter is 32" .
SAW-CUTTING: the saw and cutting area are water cooled during this process.
SAW-CUTTING: set up is about 30 minutes with cutting taking about 3-5 minutes per side.
CONCRETE: stairs being poured. units 4-9 have entries off of dodge avenue.
CONCRETE: each stair serves 2 units.
CONCRETE: slab infill is being done at the other end of the building.
CONCRETE: ready for carpenters.
CONCRETE: ready for carpenters.
CARPENTERS: partitions have been "chalked" out, 2x6 treated wood plates are being installed in the bath/utility area in units8 and 9.
CARPENTRY: interior partitions will take a while...