Friday, June 3, 2011


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (6.1.2011):


NEXT, the congregation enjoys their NEW FACILITY.

ANDY (enjoy the pics)

EXTERIOR SKIN looking NW: the red 18" standing seam panels are being installed on the 3 triangular planes with the black slopped section done last.

EXTERIOR SKIN looking N: the last plane of 18" ss panels are being installed. copings and sunscreens to follow.

EXTERIOR SKIN: tomek & kris are fabricating "specialty" aluminium trim. we need to complete the exterior so the "shop" can become the multi-use sanctuary.

ORNAMENTAL IRON: the painted steel bathroom countertop frames have been installed. this will be followed by the granite tops and the porcelain ceramic tile.

CERAMIC TILE: the granite tops are in place. the lavatories have been set. the tile "trims" the wall/top intersection.

SUPERINTENDENTS...spring hasn't showed up yet.

FINISHED CONCRETE FLOOR: Lukasz is mixing the 2 part water based epoxy coating. It's manufactured locally in lemont, IL and has a food service grade rating. the end product is super durable and costs LESS than vinyl tile.

FINISHED CONCRETE FLOOR: Lukasz & Edward are roll applying the 2nd coat of the epoxy finish. It has a total thickness of 45 mils and gives the surface a modeled marble like appearance due to the variance in substrate absorption.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: irontech has delivered one of the aluminium sunscreen armatures. the lifts are being used to hold it in place while bolts are torqued.

SUNSCREEN & OVERHANGS: kris is tightening the stainless steel bolts to the sunscreen armature.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: irontech our aluminium fabricator uses their mini crane to hoist another aluminium armature. round members are used for the vertical and angular components. they support the rectangular shapes which will receive 1/8" aluminium panels.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: the screen armature has been welded to 4 tabs that are also fastened to the frame/ss clad wall.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: the aluminium crucifix has been fastened to the masonry wall below. accent lighting is being installed.

SUPERINTENDENTS: the "2 kens".
accent lighting on the stage has been installed as well as wood trim and carpet.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: 1/4" aluminium panels are being mechanically fastened to the sunscreen armature.

OVERHANGS & SCREENS: MORE aluminium panels. close to completion.

MATT & JOSE of irontech are putting the finishing touches on the signage. We used our large format printer to create a template for each letter that was cut from "leftover" aluminium plate. the letters are welded to an aluminium angle. the letter faces are then ground for more contrast against the finished background.


INTERIOR FINISHES: upolstered ganging/stack chairs have been delivered.

GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS: irontech also fabricated the custom gutters form 1/8" aluminium plate. aesthetics required that we install this 75' run "level" necessitating (3) 4" round downspouts so the gutter doesn't hold water. the foundation on this side of the building was backfilled with gravel for rapid drainage.

GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS: downspouts are also welded to aluminium tabs that are mechanically fastened to the concrete as well as the gutter.

DONE...finished photos will be posted shortly.