Thursday, December 30, 2010


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (12.29.2010):

Pre-insulation/drywall construction is 99% COMPLETE.

The CARPENTERS finished the building’s shell a few days before winter arrived. The inclement weather thoroughly tested our waterproofing with no leaks to date. The interior wood framing is now 100% ready for the INSULATION contractor, then DRYWALL. Our WINDOWS arrived today and the exterior metal skin material is on site, ready for erection, awaiting the first winter thaw (soon?).

The CONCRETE floor slab for the multiuse sanctuary was poured earlier this month with a decorative “saw cut” pattern cut into it the next day. This surface will eventually become the finished floor. An extremely durable “food service grade” epoxy finish is applied at the end of the project.

The MECHANICAL TRADES (plumbing, HVAC and electrical) immediately followed and are nearly finished with their pre-drywall portion of the work...a couple days to go.

Pre-Insulation City Inspections are scheduled and the INSULATION process will start just after the NEW YEAR. Have a healthy/safe one.

ANDY (enjoy the pics)

CARPENTRY: The Steeple is almost framed. It was built on top of the sloped adjacent sloped roof which will be cut out when its no longer needed as "scaffolding". This sequencing got us watertight faster.

CARPENTRY: Looking E. The Steeple framed,tyvek was used to cover all the openings that will receive windows next week (weather permitting).

CONCRETE: crushed concrete fill has been compacted, ready for wire mesh/concrete.

CONCRETE: material is pumped for easier interior installation.

CONCRETE: red chalk lines were snapped the next day and cut with a "walking saw.
Vacuuming the dust is required for a precise cut pattern.

CARPENTRY: Kris is cutting out the temporary Steeple deck and installing blocking for drywall installation.

CARPENTRY: 2x12 solid bridging is installed at mid beam span. Kris cuts the blocks and practices his jump shot to tomek..gotta get some more "air".

PLUMBING: PVC waste lines for the lavatories have been installed.

PLUMBING: boyco & andre are installing copper water lines at the lavs.

ELECTRICAL: viktor & alex are installing electrical and communications conduit at the front raised platform. Notice the high triangular window above.

ELECTRICAL: konstantine is hanging the recessed light fixtures in the ancillary space.

reverend cherry & matt berry: LOOKING SE. notice the same triangular window opening above.

HVAC: The main feed for one of the (2) 10 ton zones for the multi-use sanctuary has begun. 24" round ductwork will be installed at this opening during the "finishing" portion of the job. There is a (1) ton zone for the ancillary space to the right in this photo.

HVAC: The main feed to the 2nd multi-use sanctuary zone is nearly complete.

HVAC: The main "trunk lines" for the (2) 10 ton zones are finished. The cold air returns are also done (see horizontal 2x4 framing at the center of the photo). The balance of the wood framing to follow.

PLUMBING: kris is cutting gas piping for the HVAC system.

HVAC: pre-insulation/drywall ductwork is 100% ready for inspection. Notice the long crate containing the exterior !8" wide aluminum standing seam panels. (4) patio doors will be installed in the tyvek covered openings in the center of the photograph.

MODEL: LOOKING NW. the regularly spaced angular lines represent the 18" aluminum standing seam panels. notice the (4) patio door openings in the background.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (11.29.2010):

The CARPENTERS have been busy erecting the building’s shell….90% completed to date. We are enclosed/watertight and now able to heat the interior as needed. The flat single ply modified and sloped shingle roofs are in place for winter. These will be completed in spring after the exterior skin and roof drainage systems have been installed. A necessary repair to the sewer line where it intersects the city main has also been “checked off”.

This week we will pour the concrete slab in the multi-use sanctuary and follow with the MECHANICAL TRADES starting their portion of the project at the end of this week. The CARPENTERS will continue with the interior partitions. The exterior metal panels have been ordered…more on that later.

ANDY (enjoy the pics)

CARPENTRY: simpson st. looking N...carpentry framing moving forward.

CARPENTRY: wood plates are being installed, again, we need to work the studs to the plates due to the existing building being "out of square".
CARPENTRY: wood plates/studs have been installed. openings for (4) patio doors for daylighting/natural ventilation are also framed. the beam that supports the opening that links the multi-use sanctuary to the ancillary spaces is also installed.
CARPENTRY: radek & kasey are preparing the opening for the new stair to the basement in the existing building. steel stair to follow during interior "finishing".
CARPENTRY: the exisiting floor is being leveled in the "overflow" space.
CARPENTRY: 1/2" plywood sheathing is being installed on the exterior wall framing. The construction fence is no longer needed. The roof framing for the " entry link" is being installed. view is from simpson st. looking N.
CARPENTRY: kasey is working on the entry link roof framing.
CARPENTRY: radek & kasey are installing the 3/4" plywood roof over the entry link and finishing the the wall sheathing at the patio door openings. 6' patio doors are used because for $300/, you receive 42 sq.ft. of insulating glass...can't beat it. there are 4 of these.
CARPENTRY: looking NW from simpson. Roof overhang framing @ patio doors is in process.
CARPENTRY: 2x6 "outriggers" are used to keep a thin overhang profile. The 2x6's are individually cut to form a curve and then banded with plywood.This element is used as a "layout point" for the roof joists to follow.
CARPENTRY: curved overhang has been cut and we can start the roof joists. view from simpson st. looking NW.
MODEL: simpson st. looking NW
CARPENTRY: KRIS & tomek are installing the 2x12 roof joists@ 24" on center. radek & kasey "chase" with 3/4" plywood deck.
CARPENTRY: simpson st. looking NE...joists/roof deck installation in motion.
ROOFING: modified single ply roofing is being installed over 3/4" insulation.
SEWER REPAIR: the broken pipe has been removed and replacement is in progress.
CARPENTRY: the rear sanctuary wall is being framed. the opening in the middle will be infilled once the roof joists have been completed and the motorized lift removed.
CARPENTRY: the rear sanctuary wall has been framed, 1/2" plywood sheathing is being installed. the middle opening has been closed. tyvek wrap in progress.
ROOFING: the slopped shingled roof is being installed.
CARPENTRY: concurrently with the shingles, matt reviews the "steeple" layout with kris & tomek. The triangular hole will be cut in the roof deck after framing is completed so we have a platform to work from.
MULTI-USE SANCTUARY: interior looking SE.
CARPENTRY: the steeple is being framed. simpson st. looking NE. there is glass in the triangle on the left.
MODEL: simpson st. looking NE.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1709-15 simpson (christ temple MB church)


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (10.25.2010):

MASONRY work is complete with the exception of post construction exterior cleaning. The STRUCTURAL STEEL frame is in place and the CARPENTERS are busy erecting the building’s shell. Hopefully the weather will continue to “cooperate” so we remain on schedule and are enclosed/watertight before WINTER arrives.

NEXT…the exterior framing continues

ANDY (enjoy the nice batch of photos)

MASONRY: demolition for the new opening to link the multi-use sanctuary to the offices & "overflow" area has started. temporary shoring has previously been installed inside.

MASONRY: demolition has been completed and voitek is prepping the beam pockets for steel erection later in the week. note the temporary shoring.
MASONRY: beam pocket being completed.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: chuck & matt are "fine tuning" the column location between the exiting building and the new sanctuary.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: columns for the new sanctuary are being hoisted into place.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: julio is installing concrete column anchors. using this technique instead of anchors bolts facilitates are more precise job.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: the first beam is in place with the second ready to go. the CARPENTERS have already braced this column to keep it plumb. each beam weighs 1500 lbs.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: the second beam has been placed. tomek is keeping it plumb as juan torques the bolts.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: the CARPENTERS brace the beams in series keeping the steel frame plumb until it is locked into the future wood shell.
STRUCTURAL STEEL: beams and columns are complete. next...the wood shell.
CARPENTERS: kris & tomek have installed wood plates on top of the steel beams. each stud is measured because the existing building is slightly out of square with property line setbacks. the new roof slopes, thus each stud length varies 1/8"...high school geometry put to use.
CARPENTERS: studs are nailed. notice how each beam plate stops on the left side (exterior) of the stud. this integrates the steel frame and wood structural wall systems.
CARPENTERS: more studs, alley view.
CARPENTERS: and more studs, interior view.
CARPENTERS: detail of steel frame and wood wall connection. notice the end of the top plate. temporary cross bracing remains in place until everything is sheathed in plywood.
CARPENTERS: casey is doubling up the existing roof joists so they can support the rooftop HVAC units to follow.
MASONRY: voitek is completing the roof joist pockets above the new beam between the "overflow" space and the multi-use sanctuary.
CARPENTERS: framing begins on the simpson street wall...this project is a lot easier to build using a motorized lift from NES rentals.
MODEL: simpson street