Thursday, February 25, 2010

SHOP(studios) project update 2.22.2010

940 Pitner Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (2.22.2010):

Interior Finishes Continue

The priming and 1st finish coat of INTERIOR PAINTING has been applied to the walls and existing roof framing. The new exposed wood structure at the LOFTS has been patched and received it’s 2nd finish coat. A 2nd coat will be applied to the walls, stairs and rails after all trades are 100% to avoid “touch ups”. Wood trim and doors/frames have been stained, sealed and finished with 2 coats of polyurethane and are ready to be installed by the CARPENTERS.

The CARPENTERS have installed the kitchen cabinets and bath vanities. Countertops have been fabricated on site and installed. Wood trim and closet interior work will begin later this week. The METAL FABRICATOR has completed the interior stairs/rails for units 3-5. Rail installation is finished after carpeting. CERAMIC TILE setting is nearly complete with only unit 5 remaining. Interior HVAC work is at the 40% level and should be completed in the next week or so.

FINISHING continues…about 6 weeks to go

PS: we just started leasing. I think the units are aggressively priced ($1,250 -$1,725 per month)…so if you know of someone, please PASS ON this info.


PAINTING priming is complete, roof structure has been finished coated. Lukacz is painting the bowstring truss (1st coat)

PAINTING doors and trim are finished prior to installation

PAINTING loft framing intersections are caulked/patched prior to 2nd finish coat

PAINTING structure is spot primed after caulking/patching

PAINTING lukacz & jasik apply the 1st finish to the base board prior to installation by the carpenters

METAL FABRICATORS stair tread pans are being installed. arben is cutting TILE on the wet saw for the bathrooms

METAL FABRICATORS stair tread pans are welded into place

METAL FABRICATORS loft rail will be installed on top of the carpeting once the perforated aluminum "infill" has been attached

METAL FABRICATORS this stair/loft rail is ready for 2nd coat of paint at the end of the project

CERAMIC TILE arben & matt are reviewing wall tile layout

CERAMIC TILE floor and wall tile are 100%. ready for mirror installation

CARPENTERS MDF board/laminated plastic countertops are fabricated on the job. After using the router, kris finishes the edge

CARPENTERS the underside of the countertops are primed/painted to prevent water absorption

CARPENTERS kris & tomek are installing as kitchen countertop. Kris is cutting a chrome closet rod which will be used as a leg

HVAC igor is hanging duct work which will remain unpainted & exposed

HVAC ductwork in unit #1 is complete