Friday, September 24, 2010

1709-15 simpson (christ temple MB church)


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (9.23.2010):

This one is definitely not our “USUAL”.

Last fall, signe and I sold 2 of our properties to a Church group. One thing lead to another, the relationship grew and matt and I decided that reverend kenneth cherry and his congregation needed our “developer’s sensibility” to accomplish their goals within a “tight” budget. It didn’t hurt that the deacons were familiar with several of our projects and embraced our sense of design. In return, this project gives us the opportunity to “give something back” to the neighborhood that helped launch our real estate development company.

The scope of this adaptive reuse project is combining (2) single story “storefronts” with a middle link and build an addition at the rear of the west building so the new multi-use sanctuary can accommodate a growing congregation. The east building becomes ancillary space. In keeping with our previous projects, energy efficiency, daylighting and natural ventilation, on site water management, “sensible” green design and flexibility to adapt to future technologies are incorporated in the design. The varying percentage of the building’s use influenced these decisions and will be presented in detail throughout the construction process.

Existing Storefronts (looking NE)
MODEL (looking NE from simpson)
MODEL (looking NW from simpson)
MODEL (looking NE from rear parking lot)
MODEL (looking NW from alley)
MODEL (looking NE from simpson)
MODEL ("birdseye view" looking NW from simpson)
Floor Plan (1st floor)