Sunday, February 20, 2011


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (2.9.2011):

Interior finishing is in FULL SWING, all Exterior skin materials are on site, but this operation is on HOLD due to weather.

The INSULATIION process is completed. A dense pack “blown in blanket” cellulose system was used for the roof (R 42) to fill the 2 x 12 joist cavity. A combination of R19 and R 30 formaldehyde free kraft faced fiberglass batts were used in the walls (R 25 average).

DRYWALL/TAPING are “past tense” and we are nearly finished with the first coat of paint. The inclement weather has delayed exterior work except for window installation. Hopefully the weather will break next week and we can start that portion of the project.

The LIGHTING/HVAC bridge has been installed and is ready for the exposed ductwork and indirect lighting. The GLASS entry doors (3’-6” wide) have been hung with the glass being installed toward projects end to avoid accidental breakage.

The CARPENTERS have installed the windows with the exception of one which was fabricated incorrectly. That piece arrived today. The stage is being framed and it’s very big.

CERAMIC TILE starts in the bathrooms in the next few days, PAINTING continues…pray form some good weather, please.

ANDY (enjoy the pics)

INSULATION: dan is stapling the "blown in blanket" insulation netting. "dense pack" cellulose to follow.
INSULATION: steve is filling the 2x12 joist spaces through that extremely long tube.
INSULATION: fiberglass "ecobatt's are used in the exterior walls.
ENTRY DOORS: storefront type entry doors are used in all 3 locations. The 2 primary entrances are 3'-6" wide.
DRYWALL: insulation has been finished. drywall is being hung on the ceiling. the motorized electric lift accelerates the process.
DRYWALL: 2 crews worked the hanging process.
DRYWALL/TAPING: the same 5 tradesmen did the taping. The joints are being "bedded" prior to taping them.
DRYWALL/TAPING: the walls are nearly ready for sanding. This is a view from the simpson street entry.
DRYWALL/TAPING: the walls/ceiling have been sanded and touch ups are being done...almost ready for priming/painting.
DRYWALL/TAPING: almost done and getting the "once over" inspection.
CARPENTERS: matt, tomek & kris are laying out the windows above the stage, confirming size...these 2 were fabricated incorrectly the first time.
CARPENTERS:got it right the 2nd time (see angular window on the right)
ORNAMENTAL IRON: humberto, jose & juan are installing the HVAC/lighting "bridge". a cable system is installed with the ductwork to support mid-span.
ORNAMENTAL IRON: the cantilevered "arms" have been installed. steel channels are then welded in place.
PAINT: lukas and edward are priming the walls/ceiling. Large rollers are used.
PAINT: the exposed steel structure is sanded smooth, then sprayed woth DTM (direct to metal) material. even though this is a petroleum based product, we feel it's more eco friendly since only 1 coat is required (instead of 3) to achieve to achieve a deep finish that's extremely durable/washable.
PAINT: ceiling is being finished coated.

a satisfied looking group?