Thursday, December 17, 2009

940 Pitner Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60202

adas/spatz properties
PROJECT UPDATE (12.14.2009):
Pre-insulation/drywall construction is COMPLETE.

The carpenters have finished the unit interior framing, installed the skylight assemblies and exterior mechanical flashings. The 4” exterior roof insulation/waterproof membrane is also past tense. The windows and glass unit entry doors have also been installed. The exterior aluminum fenestration is in progress and will be completed this week, weather permitting.

The rough electrical, plumbing and HVAC work is done. NICOR and COMED have also hooked us up the “grid”. We now have heat and a bathroom has replaced the port-a-potty.

The exterior concrete walks/drainage system has been installed. Our budget forced us to use a standard system since permeable concrete was locally unavailable and would have cost TWICE what we spent. This project will lease below a “C” level price point.

NEXT TIME… wrapping up the exterior skin, insulation, drywall and carpentry trim.

ANDY (enjoy the fotos)

CARPENTERS are finishing roofing related prep. ROOFING materials are being craned to the roof.

ROOF INSULATION (2) 2’ polyiso layers are installed in lieu of (1) 4” due to the roof curvature. 4” would break not bend.

ROOF INSULATION 4" & 6" screws w/washers hold each layer in place. Panel joints are staggered. Here I am getting my "tool fix".

ROOF MEMBRANE a “peel & stick” base sheet covers the insulation to which a single ply modified bitumen roof membrane is applied.

ROOF MEMBRANE the modified bitumen is “torch applied”. The overlaps are lifted and re-torched so the bitumen “bleeds” past the overlap insuring a proper installation.

ROOF MEMBRANE the existing tile coping is being covered by modified bitumen. In this instance, it is the most cost effective method to insure water tightness. Potential leaks are eliminated from the joints between the tile coping.

ROOF MEMBRANE skylight light wells are also cover in modified bitumen. The ones viewable from the street will be skinned in standing seam aluminum.

ELECTRICAL communications conduit being finished. The PLUMBER is finishing the gas piping

PLUMBING nail guards are installed wherever a drywall screw could pierce a water or wasteline…don’t need a whoops. Notice how organized the electrical feeds (top rows), black iron gas piping (mid-rows) and waterlines (bottom rows) are in the north wall raceway…this didn’t happen by itself (thanks matt).

EXTERIOR SCREEN the carpenters have mechanically fastened 2 x 2 aluminum tubeto the masonry. Our METAL FABRICATOR built the aluminum frames offsite.

EXTERIOR SCREEN the aluminum frames are set on a wood “table” to insure proper alignment.

the frame is covered with a tarp each night to make it difficult to use as gym equipment. Notice the skylight light well has been covered with standing seam aluminum.

the aluminium frames in process

the tarp is rolled back each morning...just like wrigley field. The aluminum frames are in place awaiting the next "layer".

EXTERIOR SCREEN tomek clamps, checks alignments, then mechanically fastens the tube to the frames. these will later be welded, screws removed and filled with weld.

EXTERIOR SCREEN the aluminum framing “morphs” into the security gate at each end of the unit’s access walkway. Esualdo is preparing the gate for welding.

EXTERIOR SCREEN the framing is ready for welding by the METAL FABRICATOR

EXTERIOR SCREEN the “no maintenance” aluminum frame is now ready for the 1/8” perforated aluminum skin that is fabricated in evanston. Notice how our new project (940) relates to 930 pitner that we did 3 years ago…another dyptich.

previous dyptich…1216 & 1220 main