Thursday, March 24, 2011

christ temple MB church 1709-15 simpson, evanston, IL (3.23.2011)


1709-15 Simpson

Evanston, Illinois 60201

adas/spatz properties

PROJECT UPDATE (3.22.2011):

We finally got some weather and the EXTERIOR SKIN is getting done, with 20% remaining. It’s completion will use up materials that are being “warehoused” in the multi-use sanctuary. This needs to be done prior to us entering “the clean phase” of the project. As an FYI, the building’s exterior will be 100% maintenance free except for a yearly power wash to keep it looking new.

The exposed interior ductwork has been hung on the LIGHTING/HVAC bridge. The HVAC rooftop units have been set and the exterior ductwork has been tied in.

The CARPENTERS have partially installed the interior trim and the stage framing is 100%. The balance of their work will be scheduled after the EXTERIOR SKIN is completed.

Interior ORNAMENTAL IRON installation consisting of the basement stair, bath counter top frames and stage crucifix has begun and should be finished in the next few days.

NEXT, interior finishing continues with countertops, bath fixtures, bath room partitions, light fixtures, concrete staining, carpet and paint…completion should be early MAY.

ANDY (enjoy the pics)

CARPENTRY: stage framing has been completed.

CARPENTRY: 3/4" mdf board has been applied to the face of the stage. radek is working on the AV raceway to the rear of the multi-use sanctuary for the soundboard.

CARPENTRY: oak trim is applied to the rear stage wall. round surface mounted light fixtures & a crucifix will be installed to complete the composition.

EXTERIOR SKIN: kris & tomek are nailing the .032 aluminum "T" trim in place prior to starting the 4"x8"x1/8" aluminum panel installation. The "T" protects against water infilltration at the top of the panel.

EXTERIOR SKIN: "T" trim is done. ready to start 1/8" aluminum panel (mill finish) install.

EXTERIOR SKIN: radek is drilling holes for hanging the aluminum panels. A template has been made so the screw pattern is consistent on all walls. Holes are slightly larger to allow for expansion and contraction.

EXTERIOR SKIN: radek & casey are installing panels using self-sealing screws. Each panel overlaps the previous one by 1 1/2", a polyurethane caulk adhesive is applied to the previous panels vertical edge and the "T" trim. This helps secure/waterproof the wall system.m If a panel is damaged, it can be removed/replaced anywhere in the wall as with the standing seam panel system.

EXTERIOR SKIN: getting done...ready to turn the corner.

EXTERIOR SKIN: 1 crew us installing the silver 18" ss panels above while another is doig the 4'x8' panels below.

HVAC: igor & igor2 are installing the 24" round supply ductwork to the lighting/HVAC bridge.

HVAC: ductwork is hung off the lighting/HVAC bridge using 3/8" threaded rod, fender washer and nuts. The continuous duct run is fed by (2) 10 ton heating/cooling roof top units (rtu).

HVAC: supply ductwork as viewed from below. "diffuser boots" have been installed.

HVAC: 24" x 48" diffuser boots are mechanically fastened to the duct. sheet metal is removed with ribs remaining as not to loose structural strength.

HVAC: 3 rtu's are being hoisted on to the existing buildings flat roof. (2) 10 ton units condition the multi-use sanctuary and (1) 7 ton unit takes care of the ancillary space in the existing building and basement.

HVAC: alek's, igor & igor2 are setting the (7) ton rtu on the equipment rails. The rails are loose laid sitting on a separate strip of modified bitumen roofing.

Matt as seen through the eye of the cranehook.

EXTERIOR SKIN looking NE: the red 18" ss panels are being installed on the 3 triangular planes with the black sloped section being done last.

MODEL looking NE